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Book Info

K.L. Hiers
26 March 2021
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


This book a a light feels good fairy-tale of Ashley, whose grandfather had signed an treaty with the Jinn Royal family that the first Male born in his family would marry Prince Zamir Sharmoon.

Ashley is lonely and depressed with his life when he is confronted with the news, so with little to lose he accepts his fate.

But having slept with the Prince’s Twin brother the night before, his attraction and feelings are toward Zaire and not Prince Zamir.

We follow the three character as a tangled web is unwound With Ashley’s imminent wedding to Prince Zamir approaching, tensions rise and tempers fray.

The characters go through many emotions from love and laughter to almost hatred and anger.

The story world was colourful and characters fun to follow on their journey. All in all a great start to a new series, I look forward to seeing how the author continues to evolve the story world. I would love to see more of the ordinary people in the stories. I think there is great potential to do that with the way this book ends, with the Jinn and Hinn people coming together.

I particularly liked Zaire’s character who went out of his way to help Ashley cope with his feelings and emotions. He was so fun to follow.


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