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Book Info

Lethe Press
25 November 2020
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


We are introduced to our Main Character as a lonely 17-year-old goth young gay man, who has been rejected by his parents because of his sexuality. He now lives with his Aunty. Having had to drop out of college. Now works in a second-hand clothes store called Vintage.

He is not people person, though has a small group of friends; well they are more his best friend Trace’s friends. Both the main character and Trace are Goths and believe in the occult and ghostly things.

The main plot of the story is based around a ghost called Joshua, who was ran down by a drunk driver and is trapped walking the same road every night. Until he meets our main character. They form what seems like an innocent bond, but Joshua becomes ever more demanding and dangerous And Joshua’s attack (for want of a better world) leaves the main character fearful for his life. H soon becomes a magnet for spirits that are trapped between the here and now and the spirit world.

In the meantime, our MC develops feelings for Trace’s younger brother Second Mike named after his older brother went missing presumed dead. This is a major sub plot in the second half of the story.

Fearing for his life and seeking a way of escaping Joshua’s presence our teenager joins forces with Trace to investigate the lead up to Joshua’s Death.

There is lots of quirks and mystery connected with Joshua’s death.

This novel is so well written, the author does an excellent job of weaving the different plot and sub plots together creating an intense story of intrigue, suspense fear and a little humour and love. Which makes a story that pulls you in from the start and keeps pulling you in. The young adult characters are very well developed, and each plays an important part in the story. The Adults are mainly minor characters that we only get glimpses, but some of which are part of Joshua’s story.

The book leaves you deep in thought, as it touches on many subjects that young adults face today even though it is set back in the late 90’s.

Though this story starts off pretty much as romantic ghost story, don’t be fooled this is defiantly a dark horror novel.


Steve Berman is the author of over a hundred published articles, essays, and short stories. As an editor of almost fourty anthology, he has won a Lambda Literary Award and been a finalist the Shirley Jackson Award. He resides in Western Massachusetts, where he works at a prestigious boarding school.

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