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Book Cover
Trigger Warnings:
Bullying, Transphobia, Including a physical attack on one of the main characters.

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Roseden U by Shayne Prescott

Series Type:
Same story universe
Number In Series:
Cover Artist:
Spartakittah Press
1 February 2022
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


This story did not quite live up to its synopsis, or at least my expectations from the synopsis.

It has lots of interesting elements and tropes, that should have made the story a great read. But I found it lacking in some areas. Theo’s back story did not quite gel with me. I thought that although Theo being a transgender man was one of the key plot lines. We saw some abuse towards him, and the author did show some of the effects the transphobic abuse had on him. I felt we did not see the full extent of the effects it would have had on Theo.

I did like the way Owen and his friends rallied round to help Theo gain strength both physically and mentally to cope with the abuse. And Theo did grow and come of age in this story.

Owen had his own set of issues, being rejected by his family, he built a family out of his lacrosse teammates. But as one of them was the main abuser of Theo who was Owen’s boyfriend. He had to decide which was more important, and we saw the process of Owen working things out in his head with the help of Brent. Like Theo we saw Owen grow and come of age.

In my view Owen’s background and story were stronger and it is a shame that Owen’s side of the story did not come across quite as strong.

I would also have liked to see Owen and Theo do more things together, their time seemed to be spent either at collage or in Owen’s room cuddling up. It would have been good to see them sharing each other’s interest a little more.

I loved Owens’s mate Brent; he was just the kind of best friend everyone needs.

The scenes of abuse and the attack were realistic and well written, but we did not really find out what caused the attacker to be the way he was.

I loved Owens’s mate Brent; he was just the kind of best friend everyone needs.

So all in all, not a bad read, but with a little more love I feel that the book could have been a stronger and more rounded story, and that is why I give it a score of 3


Shayne Prescott has been putting together books since his medium was scraps of paper and pencil nubs. A children’s book was considered for publication while in middle school, and his short stories were often a favorite of his beloved English teacher, Mrs. Mazzacarro. Still, he writes.

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