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This series must be read in order

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The Cubi Series by Meraki P Lyhne

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Meraki P Lyhne
20 July 2020
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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


This is the eighth book in the Cubi Series, and let me tell you right now, the story is still as fresh and intriguing and of course hot.

As with each of the previous books we join Nol Beaudon (Danial) and his council as they navigate the young Kingdom through the start of change and hopefully a path to lasting peace and co-existence with the humans.

This story is about cultures learning to live together in a time of peace. There is some heart-warming joy as Danial calls upon the cubs and human kids to show us Adults how to live together.

I love the mix of positives and negatives that the Author shows us from both the Cubi and the human nations. Thinks like Danial bringing the disfigured wounded cubi out of hiding and teaching his people that beauty is not just on the outside. How a little girl connects with one of the injured guards and teaches us how we all should act.

Seldon’s urge to have a baby was cute and heartwarming. But the best part of the book has to be the friendly rivalry between Danial the young king and Elakdon the old Viking king. I love the way the two kings work together neither one above the other, even though Elakdon has hundreds of years on Danial, yet he often seeks Danial’s youthful wisdom as Daniel seeks his wisdom of age.

I really like Leon who is fully embracing the Cubi culture. The First lady of the US is also more open minded then her husband, even though he is heading in the right direction I think his wife is the key to his progress.

After the recent upheaval that Danial’s people have endured, it is nice to see them have a little peace and fun. It also allows us to learn even more about the Cubi people and culture. I personally found that I learned so much in this book that really builds on what we have learned in the previous books in the series.

As usual we see many of the characters from all the previous books, join in the fun and celebrations, and planning for their shared futures.

The ever-increasing cast of well-developed and vividly brought to life characters with such a fantastic story world, keeps you turning the pages until the Sun comes up and you have missed another night’s sleep.

I think we could all take away a lesson or two from the Cubi Race, and World leaders (in the real world) need to read this series as a how to lead and govern your nations.

A thoroughly joyful read full of hope for the future.


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