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Book Cover
Trigger Warnings:
References to rape
Author's Notes:
Is it a standalone book? Somewhat. Jake Blaine is the MC in this book, and it's a semi-followup to Rape in Holding Cell 6, a book I wrote with his lover, Antony, as the MC...but it's not absolutely necessary you read that book to follow this one (tho' it might help, at the beginning).

Book Info

Cover Artist:
28 April 2016
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


The first thing I will say is that whilst it is possible to read this book as a standalone, as I did. I would highly recommend you read the first book, Rape in Holding Cell 6.

As we are thrown in to a dark and sinister world with a lot of past drama and incidents that explain Jake and Antony’s volatile and rocky relationship, which you get the bare bones of in this book.

But if you have not read the first book, don’t worry the author has such a talent for writing that you soon get to understand the characters and boy does he have talent for writing suspenseful mystery stories.

This review is going to be a little different because I do not want to spoil the intense mystery and the oh so many twists and turns.

We start off with anonymous messages and cryptic clues when Jake’s Uncle Owen has gone missing. Jake goes out to Palm springs where his Uncle lives. And Jake’s investigations soon take a dark and sinister turn. This leaves Jake wondering if his Uncle has skipped bail like the authorities are saying or has, he been taken and even worse has he been killed.

The more Jake, Antony and their housemate Matt, who Is a computer whiz dig into the disappearance and try and fit the pieces from all the different lines of investigation together. The more danger they find themselves in.

This is not a romance or a happy ever after kind of story. It is a dark gritty and sinister story, that would make an excellent film it is so well written. It certainly had me guessing right till near the end, and I often know where a story is going, but not this one.

Let’s just say after reading this novel I am wondering if you can truly trust anyone 100%

The characters are so well developed, that even without knowing their past, you soon learn what makes them the people they are and why Jake will fight for the truth and not be stopped no matter what the cost might be.

The mystery itself is so well written with a few red herons that really do take the reader down the wrong lanes. And the attention to detail the author has obviously taken is amazing. It really felt like you the reader is right there beside Jake, you feel the fear, the anger and get an adrenaline rush.

I highly recommend anyone that loves a gritty dangerous mystery story to read this one, and I am planning to read book one soon so I can fill in the odd missing pieces in Jakes and Antony’s relationship


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