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Cover Artist:
The Conrad Press
31 May 2021
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


I was not sure what I was expecting from the synopsis. But it intrigued me as Historical mm fiction fan.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this collection of short stories. I dare say I can visualise the stories as a movie or tv series

It is so well written, and throughout the book, we are taken on a visual tour of Berlins history. On this journey we come across many of the issues that LGBT people have faced throughout history and sadly one or to are still issues today. Issues of breaking the law because you love some one of the same sex. The book covers the dark days of the Holocaust and the terrible treatment of not only Jewish people but also Gay men, who are often forgotten in today’s narrative of World War two.

Other topics covered are Rape, Older / Younger relationships, and found family to name but a few.

There is such a realism to the story worlds, you feel the dangers, fears, worries as well as happier emotions that the characters face.

The characters are so well developed, their personalities, their quirks, and emotions are so well portrayed and authentic.

Felix and Walther’s story is my favourite, set in 1890’s Berlin as the world is turbulent and growing dangers are affecting these two childhood friends / lovers. It is a found family and coming of age story that covers class divide, making one’s own family. The loyalty and protectiveness that the characters have for each other in such dark times is amazing.

I really would love to see each story expanded into full novels, including some of the missing years between the stories. The book as a Downton abbey quality to it, that is how well written the stories are.

I highly recommend anyone that like historic novels to check out the book.


Paolo G. Grossi was born and raised in Milan. Thirty years ago, he spent a weekend in London and decided to stay. Like most Italians, opera and the visual arts are his main passions. When not writing, you will surely find him attending a performance, visiting a museum and, of course, spending some time cycling in Berlin or around the Wannsee. He lives in London with his partner David.
The Tiergarten Tales is his first book.

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