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Trigger Warnings:
Violence, torture, mentions of past abuse, mentions of past sexual assault (nothing on-page), claustrophobia (you can skip chapter nine if you’re worried about this one).

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The Magi Accounts

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Cover Artist:
Michele Notaro
12 June 2022
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Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


Where to start this review?

As much as I loved book one (see my review here) and I did really love it.  Book two builds on the strong foundations of book 1, in every way.

We watch Madeo’s character grow so much and his defences slowly come down as his relationship with Cos grows.  But it is not just their relationship that has grown. The relationship between Madeo, Jude and Logan and the Cat Shifter pride, grows in multi directional ways.

The author continues to tease the reader with big hints that Jude, River and Kulani may be forming a strong bond between them.  And there is also the relationship between Charlie and Logan that seems toe be like the first buds of flowers.

It was good to see that their relationship with Harriet their Human captain forming and I have a feeling that this has an important part to play in the future books.

Aside from relationship / family building, this book also has a lot of action with battles with human Witches who are using dark magic to gain power at any cost, there is an intense battle which I have a feeling is only a taster of things to come.

We also get to see on page the cruel torture both physical and mentally that the magi’s endure.  Be warned that this scene may cause triggers for some people.  But I think it was important to show us readers just how cruel and barbaric the system is against Magi’s and to a lesser extent Shifters too.

I am not sure how the author does it, but they get the balance of happy and sad, light, and dark, as well as action scenes just right.

As with the first book, the characters are so real, and are strengthened even more as we get to see them in different situations.  I really liked seeing the supporting characters getting a little more page time too.  The bonding of the characters is highlighted in a funny scene where Madeo is caught singing about Kitty Cats, it had me chuckling for ages, and yes the song is stuck in my head now lol.

I especially like the portrayal of the pack mentality that totally includes the Magi’s, they are truly a team both at work and especially at home.  It is also nice to see an Alpha that is more like a father figure than an unapproachable leader that often happens in shifter stories.

If book one was the foundation of this amazing story, book two must be the first of many floors (hint to author I am thinking double figures).

There are three MM Paranormal / Fantasy authors that are in my must-read list and Michele Notaro has just joined them.

Not only will I be keeping an eye out for the next book in this series, but I really need to check out their back catalogue soon.


Michele is married to an awesome guy that puts up with her and all the burnt dinners she makes—hey, sometimes characters are a bit distracting, and who doesn’t plot when they’re supposed to be cooking? They live together in Baltimore, Maryland with two little monsters, three-legged and four-legged fiends, and a little old man (aka their two sons, their two cats, and their senior dog). She hopes to rescue another cat soon, and if her hubby wouldn’t kill her, she’d get more than one… and maybe a few more dogs as well.

She loves creating worlds filled with lots of love, chosen family, and of course, magic, but she also likes making the characters fight for that happy ending. She hopes to one day write all the stories in her head—even if there are too many to count!

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