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Book Cover
Trigger Warnings:
Violence, mentions of past abuse, hints of past sexual assault (nothing on-page), oppression of magi and shifters

Book Info


The Magi Accounts

Number In Series:
Cover Artist:
Michele Notaro
1 March 2022
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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


Get a glass of your favourite drink, some snacks in case you get hungry, find a cosy and quiet place to read.  And start an epic adventure into a unique world in the future.

This is such an epic story set in a futuristic Dystopian world, after World War Three, which saw Humans, Shifters and Mage species fight against each other.   Now the humans hold the power, Shifters are second class citizens and Mage’s are prisoners/slaves to do the humans bidding in a new battle that threatens all three species and the planet.  (Told you it was a epic story)

Madeo and Jude are both Mage and have been bonded as each other’s Dyad, this allows the bonded mages to use their magic better with more power and control.  Until recent years they have been living in a compound, where the humans breed Mage’s, so they can make them use their magic to fight tears in the veil of Realms, and the Taragorians (Large Elephant like monsters), that are breaking through the tears and kill and destroy everything in their path.

Madeo is such a beautiful soul that always goes out of his way to protect those who need his help. Jude is Madeo’s rock and always supports his Dyad.  They have such a powerful yet platonic relationship.  I must confess I did wonder how they would work as a team when either of them found a love interest.

After saving Logan a young Mage, from abusive shifter teammates, Madeo and Jude must join a team that helps fight Taragorians invasions and heal the tears in the veil, as payment in return for Logan being given a safe job.

They are teamed up with a Pride of cat shifters, which both Madeo and Jude are both wary and guarded from, due to what they have suffered in the past and the abuse Logan had suffered recently.  To make matters worse Madeo finds himself attracted to Cos the Alpha of the shifter pride.

There are so many elements and themes to this story, from love / hate, found family, to building trust, to name but a few.

The authors writing style and storytelling is truly amazing. The way they weave the information about the world as it is now and the history of how the world got to this point, along with the very well-developed magical system is amazing.  I never felt overloaded with information, nor did the story feel slow or hard to read.  I think much of this is down to the descriptive writing and well-developed characters and story world.

The battle scenes are amazing and thrilling, so much that I wanted to be shielded by Madeo’s magic from these huge monsters breaking through the veil.

I fell in love with Madeo and Jude immediately and Logan fitted in with them so well too. I just wanted to protect them from the nasty Humans and Shifters.

So I was so happy that as we get to know Cosmo and his Pride of cat shifters, that they were actually decent people.  I loved the way the author showed the differences between the two species and how they were treated.  Especially when Cosmo was appalled to find out just how badly treated Mage’s were by Humans and some shifters.

A Very exciting and gripping start to the series, I highly recommend this book to Paranormal / Fantasy book lovers.

Keep a look out tomorrow for our review of Book 2 Shackles That Hold Us



Michele is married to an awesome guy that puts up with her and all the burnt dinners she makes—hey, sometimes characters are a bit distracting, and who doesn’t plot when they’re supposed to be cooking? They live together in Baltimore, Maryland with two little monsters, three-legged and four-legged fiends, and a little old man (aka their two sons, their two cats, and their senior dog). She hopes to rescue another cat soon, and if her hubby wouldn’t kill her, she’d get more than one… and maybe a few more dogs as well.

She loves creating worlds filled with lots of love, chosen family, and of course, magic, but she also likes making the characters fight for that happy ending. She hopes to one day write all the stories in her head—even if there are too many to count!

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