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Book Info

Cover Artist:
Stars and Ink Press
11 January 2020
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


Kim was the first boy Tommy ever kissed at the school dance. Then he disappeared.

Tommy has tried to move on with his life, but Kim was the one boy for Tommy.

Kim had to leave to save the people he loved, Tommy and his Mother from being hurt by a criminal gang. He always intended to escape and return to Tommy.

Their reunion is not exactly perfect, when Tommy catches Kim and the gang trying to break into a warehouse complex where he is a Security guard.

When Kim is released and they manage to meet up to talk, it is obvious that their chemistry is still there.

What follows is the story of what happened to Kim and how he is trying to get his life back by working for the police. They each believe that what they have is a last goodbye, especially as Tommy is planning to go globetrotting.

But incidents and a chain of events that he has no control of may prevent him traveling and not just his heart. Kim is full of regret and guilt and he does not believe there will be a happy ending for him. But at least he can show Tommy how much he loves him.

The story is deep, and you really feel for the suffering Kim has dealt with, and you bite your nails as the police put him real danger, forgetting his safety in their hunger to capture the gang leaders.

A scene I really liked is at the bike / skate ramps park where they get to know each other again.

A heart felt and heart-warming story that reminds us that not everything is always as it seems.


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