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Book Cover
Trigger Warnings:
This story contains a brief scene of sexual assault and features an unresolved ending/cliffhanger.
Author's Notes:
This is the first book in a series features an unresolved ending/cliffhanger.

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Dead Generations Series by Anne Russo

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Number In Series:
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13 March 2021
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


Adam and Ian meet briefly in the hospital elevator. But when Adam comes face to face with Ian who is an assassin in the middle of taking out Adam’s patient. Which starts a chain reaction of events?

Ian recognises Adams features and realises Adam is his boss Kathrine’s Son. Reacting quickly, he forces Adam at gunpoint to go with him. Anyone else and they would have been dead alongside his target.

What follows is a brutal journey of Adams training to become an assassin, something he does not want to do. But has no option. Ian and Kathrine will not let him escape, so it is either tow the line or be killed.

The story is gritty and down to earth, I like the heated relationship between Ian and Adam, with hot angry sex. I found their interactions and self-denials as their feelings for each other grew. The story is strong and has plenty of thrilling danger. Characters are well rounded and strong. Even the minor characters are well developed and add to the overall story.

If there was one thing, I was not so keen on it is that we do not really know what the organisation is or what it stands for. Yes, it is a group of assassins created by Kathrine. But do they kill anyone for the right price? Or do they only kill bad guys? As the author hints. If it is the latter, how is it decided who they target. A little back story would help a lot on this issue. Maybe’s we will find out more as the series continues.

If you like action thrillers, then you will love this book, it has the makings of a Hollywood thriller.

The book certainly delivers on the synopsis, and I am thoroughly looking forward to book 2.

Do Something Great


Anne makes her home in Connecticut with her wonderful and ever-so-patient partner. A lifelong reader, writer, and curious student, Anne hopes to create exciting multi-dimensional characters and worlds but with a queer sensibility. The Dead Don’t Lie is the first book in the Dead Generations series and her first novel.

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