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Book Info

Pride Publishing
3 August 2021
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


I really enjoy books about Escorts/rent boys and the sex industry. Especially when they portray them in a positive way. As I believe that sex work is just another career choice. Obviously, my views are different when people are forced into selling their services. And this book delivers on this front, there is no stigma in this book.

Josh has a rare night without a booking, so heads to a upend bar to see if he can find a client for the night. He watches an older guy being propositioned by a woman and decides to rescue the poor guy and in doing so finds him self a client in James the guy he rescued.

James is a very successful businessman that at first glance has everything, he is a billionaire and owner of a successful holiday resorts, he has a loving family, loyal workforce and enjoys being hands on at work.

What he is yearning for is a guy to share his success and his life with, but he is a virgin and has never dated a guy before. Wanting to experience sex with another guy he gathers up all his courage, when he meets Josh and take the plunge, by hiring him for the night.

Their meet ups soon become regular and then turn into trips to James holiday resorts, Josh playing as James boyfriend. Spending so much time together the lines start to blur, and each man starts to imagine their romance as real. This creates misunderstanding and a little conflict when James tries to protect himself by cutting off contact with Josh.

Thankfully when they eventually meet up at an art gallery opening of Josh’s work for James company, they manage to talk things through.

I loved the caring side of Josh; he really does treat his clients as humans and not just a way of making a living. Even more so with James. I really liked the way we saw James confidence grown in the bedroom scenes.

I also liked that when Josh’s artistic talents are revealed by one of James’s managers, he is taken on as a resident artist for his abilities, and James does not involve himself in the negotiations. Normally the billionaire would offer the job to their escort as a way of supporting the escort/ or former escort so they felt worthy. It is a small thing, but it makes the story so much more real, that Josh is respected for his artwork.

The sex scenes are hot and varied with a touch of very mild kink with light-hearted daddy boy roleplay. I found the dynamics between the two characters in bed to be refreshing. They switched roles and often could even switch in on scene. While this probably would not be the norm, it felt right to me and very natural.

This is a strong debut novel of the authors, and minus a few continuation errors, it would have earned 5 star review. I would love to see a sequel with these guys. But either way I will follow the author, as I am sure they will only get better as they progress.


Evelyn has been writing since middle school, constantly getting lost in creating a whole other world (usually loosely based on a fandom of some kind) and falling in love with those characters. An avid reader, she never leaves home without a well-worn book and a notepad for thoughts. She writes almost entirely on her phone, because it’s small and easy to pull out at a moment’s notice, when the idea for a scene hits. As the wife of a busy husband and as the mother of a young daughter, two big dogs, and a horse, there’s not always designated writing time. Writing is her passion and whenever she finds a window of free time, that’s what she’s doing!

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