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Trigger Warnings:
This book contains scenes of violence, rape, reference to past child abuse, self-harm and suicidal ideation, and PTSD,. There are references to drug use, sex work, elements of BDSM—Daddy kink and power play—and parental neglect.

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Out in Austin series by K.D. Ellis

Number In Series:
Pride Publishing
16 November 2021
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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


The synopsis had me hooked and I had high expectations. And boy did the author deliver. There are so many elements to this story.

We have Shiloh, on the surface a spoilt rich brat and party animal. Some would say he is out of control of his life.

Then we Gage, a bodyguard, who thinks babysitting a rich kid is below his skills.

We have the strained relationship between Shiloh and his father. Their communication is so broken, that they have drifted apart.

Under the surface and away from the headlines, the real Shiloh, is not as out of control, as people may think. He is crying out for attention from his father. The only way he knows how, by rebelling and hitting the headlines with his playboy brat lifestyle.

I found Shiloh’s character very interesting, right from the start I felt his actions were covering up something very dark from his past. The author was very clever in the way we found out in snippets of information / reactions, that he is very damages and needs someone who cares enough to listen.

I liked the slow progression of their relationship from bodyguard /client to lovers, how each fought their feelings until they could not fight a moment longer.

There are many tears, but there are some funny moments, especially when Gage thinks he is one step a head of Shiloh, only to find out he has been given the slip.

There is a feeling of real danger, and you might find yourself yelling at Shiloh for the situations he puts himself in.

The author has done a great job not only creating fully dimensional characters, but by the way their emotions are portrayed. I really did feel the hurt, betrayal, hopelessness and eventually the relief and hope.

I thought the book was pretty well paced, though some of the unravelling of Shiloh’s past maybes could have been spaced a little more. But all in all a great entertaining read.


KD Ellis is a professional cat wrangler by day, and an author by night. She moved from a small town to an even smaller village to live with her husband and wife and their two children. She loves reading—anything with men loving men. She writes queer romance in between working her two jobs and cuddling her pets—all six of them, which confuses the turtle.

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