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Though the stories are interlinked, they can be read as standalone books.

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Nerds Vs Jocks by Eli Easton & Tara Lain

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Easton Lain Publishing
16 February 2021
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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


Yes, I hear you say not another Nerd vs Jock love story. Yes some might say the sub-genre has been worn out. Not me I absolutely love this sub-genre.

But to those who think they have read everything that could be written. Stop here!

Eli Easton have managed to create something different and new, at least that is how I feel about this book. Yes, it has the traditional Nerd vs Jock story, but it is what is included in the storyline that makes this different.

The book covers many topics, including stereo types and misconceptions that the Jock Frat house and The Nerd Frat house have about each other. We are shown that we really should not judge each other by labels such as Jock, Nerd, Gay, Straight and so on.

After a prank that went wrong, The Alpha Lambda Alpha (Jock) Frat and the Sigma Mu Tau (Nerd) Frat. Are forced to swap two of their team members with each other. The only problem is one team is A flag football team and the other team is a Quiz Bowl contest.

So, you can imagine the problems ahead, arch Enemies and detest each other, but they are totally untrained and unsuited for each other’s teams.

We follow Jesse the Jock that has been pushed into taking part in the quiz bowl and Dobbs the Quiz bowl Captain.

But what we are shown as the guys get to know each other slowly is that their perceptions of each other, are based on a tiny part of their personalities. As are most perceptions. The book made me think about how quick we are to judge each other without getting to know one another properly. We all do it, We laugh when someone is wearing something strange or they say something silly, or do something that shocks us. But we don’t think about what brought them to that point or decision.

I really loved all the characters, and they certainly are a mixed bunch. Apart from the main characters I loved Jesse’s family and especially his twin brothers. Jesse’s love for his family is so strong that he has stayed in the closet to avoid putting any more pressure on his parents.

It is a beautiful story that covers false perceptions, Consequences of pranks, tolerance, teamwork. Amongst other things. With well developed and authentic unique characters that are not perfect but human.

I am really excited about reading book two very soon. Great start to this new series.


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