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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


This book is a warm cosy feel good romance. It is also about family, not necessarily Blood family either. It is about found family, where when there is a crisis, everyone pulls together to make things work.

I really enjoyed Nikolai’s character, he is a pool of contradictions, he is shy and clumsy, yet he is bold and is not afraid to dress as he feels on any single day, be it jeans and tee shirt or a bright blouse and skirt. Every time he sees Brandon, his uncle’s assistant, he becomes a danger to himself and those around him. Yet he has a blackbelt in Karate.

Brandon has devoted his life to giving his 15-Year-old brother the life he never had. Since gaining guardianship of Jeremy Brandon has put his personal life on hold. To the extent he has tried to deny to himself that he is attracted to Jeremy. And it takes Sergei to point out that if he wants to sweep Nicolai off his feet, he should do it before someone else does.

I love these characters, they are full of life and personality, the only minor issue I have is that the teenagers are too well behaved and understanding. There would be some minor aggravations if nothing else. Though I really liked Jeremy’s character, the way he has his brothers back too.

The story is well written, but don’t expect a lot of angst, and for me that works fine, and don’t be mistaken there are a few issues the characters have to solve, and the loss of Branon and Jeremy’s mother is certainly not a happy issue. But the focus is on how Nikolai and Brandon, Jeremy and their newfound little sister bond and with the help of their friends and Nicolai’s family start to build their own family.

I really hope the author revisits this family in the future, to see how they grow together.


Ann Marie James is fluent in two languages, English and sarcasm. She believes that you will never learn anything new if you don’t read as much as you can, and/or talk to every stranger you meet. She always looks for the best in people and to treat people the way she wants to be treated. Above all Ann Marie believes in love, whatever form it takes. Relationships are hard, love is the glue that keeps it together.

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