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Book Cover
Author's Notes:
Dark themes, but taken fairly lightly and sprinkled with rom-com elements, professional/personal integrity vs. love


Reviewed By: Josh Dale



Just Wow

What does a young police detective do, when he realises, he has hooked up with a mafia boss, whilst under cover a s prostitute to catch a serial killer. Oh, and just to complicate things even more Micah’s father only happens to be his boss, the captain of his precinct.

Poor Micah, he sure gets himself into a dangerous situation.  He has a battle between his head and his heart.

What starts off as a mistaken identity, Micah is unable to bring himself to tell Demon his real job, and his heart won’t let him walk away from their budding relationship, even when his best friend Tessa hounds him to do so.

I loved Damon’s protective streak when it comes to Micah, and the way he treats him like he is precious, even though he believes Micah is a street prostitute.

Add Demon’s family into the mix and things not only get complicated but potentially dangerous Micah is equally accepted and resented by different members of the family

Oh, and remember whilst walking the minefield of his love life, Micah is also lead detective to a murder of a Young Man who Micah believes is the victim of a serial killer.

This story is so well written with a few surprises that I did not see coming, You just have to keep turning the pages and hoping that Micah can find away to come clean to Demon, without sacrificing their relationship.

The characters are fully developed, and you cannot to help to root for Micah. He is a little naive but having had bad relationships in the past you can understand why he wants to hold onto his relationship with Damon, even though he can see the car crash of his relationship coming head on.

Although I would love to have seen some of Damon’s darker mafia side, the author did authentically portray the danger of a mafia boss, including his iron fist control of his family members.  He did ooze power and Danger.

I also though the author got it spot on with Micah’s character with the above-mentioned naivety but also his sassy remarks and him not being a push over.  I got a Daddy / boy (Bratty) vibe from one or two of their get togethers.

The story touches on some dark issues, murder, kidnapping, and torture, but the author has done a excellent job of balancing the dark and dangerous with a little humour and romance.

This is a debut novel by the author, I will certainly be following their future books.  Oh and I hear from a reliable source (the author), that they intend this to be the first book in a series that will follow Micah and Damon, as Micah will be investigating different crimes as he is now a Private detective, after leaving the Police force to be able to have a relationship with Damon.


Fifer Rose is a happily married mother of four human children and two very spoiled cats.
When she is not wiping snotty noses or being bullied into feeding her cats (again?!), she can be found obsessing over M/M romance. She loves all the tropes, some of her favorite being enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort, sugar daddy, and mistaken identity. She also has a penchant for A/B/O dynamics.
While Fifer is a sucker for angst, a happily-ever-after is a MUST in all she reads and writes.
Unrelated hobbies include baking, attempting to golf (for her husband’s sake), and daydreaming about traveling. (No actual traveling because did you see the part about four kids?)

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