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This series must be read in order

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Meraki P Lyhne
5 June 2018
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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


So we are now into the fifth installment of the Cubi Series, and the story and character arcs have grown so much. Who would have thought Danial kidnapped and imprisoned by the Cubi race as a feeder. Would become a Cubi himself? Surprise one, Who would have guessed that Danial not only would become a Cubi, but be a royal Cubi. Surprise two. The author throws a curve ball next when some rogue human military attack their base. So that is shock three. As you can see, the Cubi series is full of shocks, twists and turns, that often just leave you bewiled.

Many novel series get stale after three or four books. But not Cubi. With each book, you get more drawn into the vivid and amazing story world. You are rooting for Danial and co, when things go against them. We see how humans think they are superior to any other beings. Yet if you take away technology, and look at basic needs and things like loyalty, trust, love and you see that maybe’s we are not so clever and deserving our superiority.

This installment, has two main viewpoints

Danial as he prepares to for his crowning as king Bourden and dealing with the war against rogue humans. The young man Becomes A strong but compassionate King, who is sensible enough to accept help and advice from his own council, lovers and of fellow royals of the other kingdoms of Cubi. We see how his plans to prepare to integrate cubi and humans, and how Danial deals with problems and setbacks.

This book focuses more on Danial as The Prince and future King, how he has grown and what he has learnt on his journey through the first 5 books of this ongoing series.

Alex a former feeder who was freed after the attack on the cubi house. Who returns to his home and old life, he sees freedom in the human world, is not freedom at all. Unable to deal with the expectations, and requirements of being back home.

With a little research, Alex finds a Cubi owned nightclub, and when he visits it, he is recognised by the tattoo on his neck. Whilst there he meets a few friendly faces from the old Cubi grand houses. And one hunk of a bouncer/ bodyguard by the name of Keydan and there is an instant connection between them.

Circumstances leads them both to their King and Alex feels like he belongs and fits into his new world.

I am so hooked on this series and recommend that if you like paranormal and erotic books with amazing and vivid worlds and characters, you can not go wrong with The Cubi Series.


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