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The Cubi Series by Meraki P Lyhne

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Meraki P Lyhne
20 July 2020
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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


The Cubi Series is probably my all-time favourite paranormal stories. The authors world building is so vivid and detailed, you feel like you are part of their culture. With each book we get to know more about the Cubi race, their history and their culture. All weaved together in stories that have love, warmth laughter and of course sadness and heartache.

We have a young King in Danial who is wiser than his years, but always seeks guidance from his council and his friend Elakdon’s his confidant who is an elder king.

In this latest instalment Danial must serve justice to US Military personnel that co-ordinated the attack against the Great house and killed many young Cubi cubs. We see his former human self and his cubus self-emotions battle as he decides. It is swift and brutal but considering the young that his kingdom lost for an unprovoked attack its fair.

We also see how Danial and his lovers Seldon and Caledon, along with his friends and family, support each other in troubling times. Especially as Caledon nurses his long-time friend in his final days, and Caledons grief. But also, Seldon who is struggling with his new responsibilities as the kings righthand man, when he knows his skills would be better place at doing what he does best, Justice.

The continuing journey of Danial and the cubi people make a multi layered and detailed yet easy and interesting read, oh and yeah lots of hot steamy sex, (well the cubi do feed on sex after all).

All in all the book is very well balanced, with loveable characters that you cheer for, A unique world and cultures that just come alive on the pages.


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