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Brina Brady
30 April 2021
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


Shamus is a Irish Traveller, who lives in his own caravan at the Irish Travellers caravan site in Galloway. Shamus has raised his two younger brothers, because of his father’s drinking and abusive behaviour.

Lash is a Romani and lives in a Romani caravan site at the opposite side of Galloway.

Irish Travellers and Romani people do not get along.

They are thrust together, when Erin, Shamus’s younger sister goes missing, and Lash offers to help search for her. Shamus’s Uncle Fergal pairs them up in the search parties.

The two men soon warm to each other and one thing leads to another. But they seem doomed to fail as a couple. Both men are committed to their respective families and communities, so a out and proud relationship is off the table.

Then when local searches fail to find Erin or two other women that are missing. Uncle Fergal sends Shamus and Lash off to Dublin where there are rumours of Erin being taken there. And as one of a few people that know of Shamus’s sexuality he encourages them to spend some time together away from their families.

There are a few twists and turns in their search for Erin. But Shamus soon realises that Lash is his rock. Especially as Lash’s Ex wife left with his kids, who have not been seen since. So he understands Shamus’s heartbreak of Erin’s kidnapping and having to leave his brothers at the camp.

There are a few tough times ahead for these two men, as the search for Erin, and try and plot a way for them to be a proper family.

I will not tell you anymore as I don’t want to give the story away,

This is a fast-paced chase / rescue story with plenty of culture. The characters are real, and their emotions are strong. Another good book by Brina Brady.


I am from Huntington Beach, Ca. I taught various subjects at a Continuation High School in Los Angeles, California for 27 years. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in history, Secondary Social Science Credential and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Reading and Secondary Education from California State University, Long Beach. I also enrolled in some creative writing classes at UCLA. You can contact me at [email protected]

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