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Joker’s Sin by Davidson King

Series Type:
Number In Series:
Self Published
27 November 2020
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


Heartbeat is the third Joker’s Sin novel and like the others, it takes us on a thrilling suspenseful journey.

It is clear from the start that Joker’s Sin’s DJ Ledger has his eyes on the redhead bartender Shane.

And Ledger is everything Shane looks for in a man. They flirt around each other but one or the other backs off at the last minute, leaving each other with mixed singles.

Their flirting comes to a head when they return from a DJ conference event, where Shane and Toby had joined Ledger as support.

The author gives us a rich mix of romance between the two main characters and the danger of stalker type person who keeps sending cryptic messages through songs. With each message the danger ramps up not only is Ledger in Danger but so is Shane and everyone that Ledger cares for.

Wow we go through every emotion there is in this journey, love, laughs, jealousy to fear, anger and even grief. I guessed early on who the stalker and I was do not think it was ever the authors intention to keep the person secret. But let me tell you that guessing who the stalker was, did not damper the suspense of the story, in some ways it heightened the tension as your not wondering who is behind the events, but what their next move will be? And how far will they go to get Ledger to themselves.

I really like the authors descriptive writing and their ability to ramp up the tension. It is always good to see familiar faces return and especially in a series like Joker’s Sin, as the staff are a really closed knit family of friends. And gosh do Ledger and Shane need their support and help if they are going to stay alive. I especially loved Ledger’s Parrot, he was so funny, and I am so happy he survived the story!

If you like a suspenseful and thrilling romance full of danger, you will love this book and series.


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