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City of Fountains

Series Type:
Individual Stories
Number In Series:
Pride Publishing
29 March 2022
Book Type


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


This little novella packs a big punch. I was surprised by how much content is in this story.

We have Craig a single father, who has devoted his life to bringing up his son Cody, after his ex-wife abandoned them both once he confessed, he was gay.

We have Bobby a Dr at the local hospital, who treats Craig after an accident, and it is instant attraction that they both try and deny. Craig because he has put his life on hold to bring up Cody. And Bobby because it would be unprofessional to date a patient in his care.

But with a sneaky Son, who seems keen to match make between Bobby and Craig, they soon become more than doctor and patient. That is until the Ex-wife comes back onto the scene with a bombshell that puts craig into a tailspin.

For a short novella this story is so well written, Loved the characters, well maybes I loved to hate the EX. The characters had unique personalities that felt genuine. The plot packed a punch, and what surprised me the most is that when I read novella’s they usually leave me feeling that the story should have been a full novel, and details are missing. Not with this book though. I was satisfied and felt the author did not miss any important details.

I believe Hayden West is a new to me author, but I am sure I will be reading more from them very soon.


Hayden West lives in the Pacific Northwest, enjoys being outdoors, and hanging out with friends when not working on the next novella to be released.

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