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Meraki P Lyhne
1 November 2017
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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


The latest installment of the Cubi series. Fountain of beauty continues the story of Danial the young prince of a Cubi kingdom. The story is set in a real world with the Cubi living on the same earth, but with very different culture and fragile treaties between humans and Cubi. The author has yet again done a fantastic job of world building mashing two different worlds into one. With vivid descriptions of the Cubi culture and their hierarchy and laws. I am not sure how the author keeps track of all the details of the Cubi world. I can see a full wall of sticky notes behind their desk lol.

With each book the cast has grown a little, with the main characters of Danial the young prince, Sheldon Danial?s lover and righthand man and Coulden Also Danial?s lover and left-hand man. The dynamics of the love triangle works well and often ends up with some fun times and teasing each other.

Danial learnt in the last book that he was in fact the kingdoms prince and is struggling to learn every detail of the Cubi culture, history and laws. Unfortunately, he is attempting to do so as his people are thrown into a war against the humans in the USA. Other kingdoms have rallied around Danial?s kingdom including the king of the north (no not John snow) Nol Elakdon, who is the guardian of Danial?s kingdom until a royal came to power. Due to the circumstances and Danial?s ability to learn and make rational decisions and of course with his team of his two advisors. The grand council and most of the royals of other Cubi kingdoms have consented to Danial?s crowning to be made early,

The plot is well paced and full of the twists and turns and surprises that we have come to expect in this series. At the end of the book we see Danial on the brink of being crowned and of a new chapter in the history of his life and kingdom. I am eager to see what happens to his old school friend Aaron as he has joined Danial and his friends. He does seem shocked but also accepting of his current situation.

I truly feel like this series could be made into an epic movie or a tv series. Though they may need to tone down the steamy sex scenes lol.

So, my final thoughts on the Fountain of beauty. Is that you are in for a nail-biting and page turning journey that will leave you feeling as though you?re in the middle of all the action.


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