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Reviewed By: Josh Dale



What do you get when you put R.J. Scott and Meredith Russel together?

I have read a few books of this collaboration writing team, and I am never disappointed.

If you like warm and cosy romance, with a touch of humour and adorable characters, you can not go wrong in choosing one of their books.


Ethan is so cute and adorable, but is also socially awkward, due to deep seated past events that he has hidden from his memory.

When Ethan gets an invite to a school reunion, Jared (from the previous book) his friend and housemate, thinks it will do Ethan good and he may find the answers that will allow him to move on in his life.

Felix is a boyfriend for hire escort, and due to his aging family, he is only taking small jobs. So, when their mutual friend asks Jared to be Ethan’s fake boyfriend for the school reunion, he reluctantly agrees.

I loved how Ethan’s nerdish character was an instant attraction to Felix.  I liked the way both characters danced around their feelings, especially Felix’s nervousness for not wanting to scare Ethan off, or misread what Ethan thinks of their fake / not so fake relationship.   There are a few wires crossed and Felix must pretty much spell it out to Ethan that he is no longer faking his feelings for Ethan.

Both characters are adorable, but together they make your heart go to mush.

A thoroughly enjoyable warm and cosy read, just what you want in the winter days before Christmas


Meredith Russell is an author, cover artist and vampire slayer. Okay, she may have made that last one up, but that’s what she loves about writing—the possibilities. No matter where her stories are set—from fantastical worlds of zombies and werewolves to the ambling life of an English village—she strives to write about romance and the tales of men searching for their happy ever after. Meredith writes the stories she loves to read—complex, emotional, a journey, and sometimes unexpected.
In 2012 Meredith had her first novels published, as well as being commissioned to do her first cover design. She now splits her time between populating fictional worlds with characters she adores, and helping other authors bring theirs to life through cover art. She has had a number of popular releases, including Dead Things, Just Jack, and both the Sapphire Cay and Boyfriend for Hire series' written with RJ Scott.

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