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Trigger Warnings:
This book contains brief mentions and short instances of gaslighting behavior, mental manipulation, mental abuse, and family abandonment by one parent. There are explicit sexual scenes between two consenting adult men.

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Love in the Pacific Northwest

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Beck Grey
28 April 2022
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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


I found Tadhg and Quinn’s story very interesting to read. The author managed to convey the hurdles, misunderstandings of deaf people, in a intuitive and interesting way.  I particularly liked the way the author often described the Asl fir words and phrases, again don in a natural and entertaining way.

Though Tadhg’s hearing disability is the main theme, the book offers so much more. We read of the characters strengths and struggles in starting a relationship between a non-hearing person and a hearing person.

Tadhg is a very strong and independent person after refusing to get caught in a abusive relationship again.  He has built defences that Quinn struggles to break through.

Quinn is determined, but has one big flaw, in allowing his family to take advantage of his view of family duty.  Basically, he is their go to guy when they need help, being babysitting, or moving, to working on a car.

The cast of supporting characters was as strong as Quinn and Tadhg themselves.  Especially Tom their work colleague and Tadhg’s brother Blake I think his called, who does not mince his words when Tadhg fails to see the full picture of an argument.

I did occasional feel that Quinn was over trying to be the perfect partner, well apart from dropping things to be at the beck and call of his siblings.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story and characters.  It left me feeling positive and with a few deep thoughts on how difficult deafness, causes not only communication issues but isolation from the hearing community.

Not every hard of hearing / deaf person will be as lucky to have a partner like Quinn, who goes all out to make sure Tadhg is fully included in conversations.  Sometimes I felt like I had whiplash when Quinn was signing and talking.  The author did an excellent job of describing this, especially when there were several people in the conversation.

The author is new to me, but I will be seeking out more books from them.

Sweet, Sexy, Happily Ever Afters


Hello all! It’s lovely to meet you! I’m Beck Grey, and I write sweet, sexy, LGBTQ happily-ever-afters. Why? Because we deserve all the happy!

I live in the Northeastern United States with my two adorable dogs. They really are adorable. Just look at them! My weekdays are spent buying things with my employer’s money. They pay me to do that. It’s crazy!
Evenings and weekends are devoted to writing stories involving hot characters, favorite tropes, and happily-ever-afters.

Any additional time is spent reading, laughing with friends, drinking red wine, printing and painting minis, and playing D&D because, yes, I’m that much of a nerd. There is also some time spent learning new accents because it’s D&D and everyone needs that level of silliness. There might even be video games some nights, mostly RPG. If there’s cake involved at any point it’s a win! (Caaaaaaaake!)

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