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Trigger Warnings:
This book contains scenes of violence, stalking, abduction, and attempted murder.

Book Info


Tales From The Edge by L.M. Somerton

Series Type:
Same group of characters and story world
Number In Series:
Pride Publishing
19 January 2021
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


Edging closer is the first book in the Tales from The Edge that I have read, yeah, I know starting at book nine is a little late. But let me tell you, this book can be read as a standalone.

Olly is so adorably cute. His Addiction to coffee and all things sugary, do not help his ability to accidently find trouble.

His Dom Joe who co owns the Edge a BDSM Training venue. Is hopelessly in love with Olly and tries to balance keeping Olly Safe and out of trouble with allowing him freedom to grow. Sometimes even Joe wonders who is in charge in their non BDSM life.

When a chain of event from Olly’s past come back to bite his butt, their impending wedding plans are threatened and so are Olly and Joe themselves.

I love the way the author weaves her other BDSM series characters into this story, I always appreciate seeing familiar characters pop up, and I find that by interlinking her series as well as individual books in a series. We are treated to an array of characters. It kind of makes them even more real.

I have read around 5-6 of the authors books so far, and I am desperate to catch up on the ones that I have not read yet.

The characters are full of fun and colourful personalities, even minor characters you get a good feeling about their personalities. But yes, in this book Olly outshines the others with his positivity and fun-loving outlook. I really felt for him when the events escalate to their peak. But Olly had all the support anyone could ask for as the community at the Edge rallied around.

I really liked Aiden’s character too, he is the balance to Olly’s hyperactive character and is his rock. I loved Olly’s dog too who seems to be a canine version of Olly himself, always finding trouble and mischief, but no one can help but love the pup.

I am now excited to read the whole series, Oh and I am on the hunt to find The Edge, The Underground Club and The Retreat. Though Google Maps seems to have missed them off their street map!


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