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Book Info

Cover Artist:
Isabel Lucero
25 May 2022
Book Type
Heat Level



Two serial killers that are so hot for each other but knowing that the other is as depraved as themselves they cannot trust them.

Their story is Dark, depraved, full of danger and violence. With some sizzling hot rough and dangerous sex between the two main characters.

Neither one of then can love another person, yet they come close with their lust and obsession for each other.

The author has done a fantastic job of bringing both characters to life and somehow, making us love them and want them to get away with the killings.   We really should not like these guys and defiantly should not want them to get away with murder.  I claim that the author has hypnotised us with their words.

But seriously these two mems are so well written, their thinking and outlook on a world and its laws that they do not fit into.

The way the author keeps twisting the plot and sub plots, you never know who has the upper hand. The web of lies and the connection between them keeps us readers on our toes

They know they should not get involved with one another, that they are likely to be killed by the other.  Their relationship could lead to either or both being caught. But they understand each other, they are attracted to each other too, and I think in their own depraved and twisted way they do love each other, kind of.

Such a well-developed story and characters, it is obvious the author has put time into researching and understanding sociopath and psychopath’s, especially how their thinking process and their outlook on the world.  I Like the way that they do not show remorse for the murders, as they just see it as part of life.

This is certainly one of the most exciting and depraved books I have read so far.  I would love to see more of these guys


Isabel Lucero is a bestselling author, finding joy in giving readers books for every mood.
Though born in a small town in New Mexico, Isabel currently lives in Delaware with her family. When not completely lost in the world of her next WIP, she can be found reading, or in the nearest Target buying things she doesn't need.
Isabel loves connecting with her readers and fans of books in general. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

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