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Nerds Vs Jocks by Eli Easton & Tara Lain

Series Type:
Individual Stories Same world,
Number In Series:
Self Published
16 March 2021
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


I was really impressed with book one, it had strong characters, and a solid plot.

Book two to me builds on the foundation of book one. This book really shows the two main characters growth.

As with book one it is an opposite attract, forced proximity Jock / Nerds story. But like book one there is so much more to the story.

Sean (hedgehog) is usually on the Quiz bowl team for his frat house, but due to an ultimatum from the principle, he has joined the flag football team of a rival frat house.

Bubba takes Sean under his wings as the rest of the team are much less friendly. Especially when (with no fault of his own) he runs the wrong way in the first training session.

The team captain takes advantage of Bubba’s protectiveness of Sean and makes Bubba responsible for training up Sean.

Well Bubba who is wanting to be a personal trainer, jumps at the chance, and Sean seems eager to train.

There are many fun moments between the two characters whilst training. I practically loved Bubba’s tenderness towards Sean.

The training is slow but gradually Sean picks up a few muscles and gets more involved in the games.

Sean’s family frown upon his relationship with Bubba a dumb jock as far as they are concerned.

And Bubba’s Fathers lack of respect for Bubba’s studies brings both young men to a crossroads where they decide that they will decide their own futures and stop letting others tell them what they should be doing.

I loved Bubba’s happy laid-back attitude to life, even coming out Bi is no big deal to him. But he certainly needs Sean’s support to push himself and change courses to something he thought he was too dumb to get on the course let alone have any chance of finishing it.

Sean and Bubba give each other strength and really do fit perfectly.

The only minor issue I have with the book is, I wish we got to see Bubba and his father building bridges on the page. But all in all, another fantastic story. And I am so intrigued to see what the authors do with Rand and Jax in book three. How they will bring the two arch-rivals together, as both are stubborn and prickly.


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