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This series must be read in order

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The Cubi Series by Meraki P Lyhne

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Meraki P Lyhne
20 February 2021
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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


When we were told that this book was the final book in the series, I was sad. But after reading the book and looking back on Danial’s rise to King of the West. It is a natural ending.

We have seen many obstacles to get to the point where not only is Danial ready to Rule with just the help of his Council. But his vision of peace and prosperity for the Cubi and humans to work together and make a better place for all is finally starting with the first City of Beauty is about to be built. Where both peoples start from scratch to build a united city that allows their individuality and to respect their differences.

We have seen some amazing world building throughout the series, as the author has developed the world as the Cubi and to some degree the human societies change. There are many good world builders in our authors, but there are not so many story worlds that are dynamic and change with the characters growth.

I think humans could learn a lot from this series. I certainly have. I have always thought humans are hell bent on fitting in, being a part of a group, labelling ourselves and worst of all believing our group or label is better than all the others. Be it sexuality, race, religion, even our looks or mental ability. Danial’s vision shows us we need to celebrate each other’s individuality.

As with the previous books we are treated to a roller-coaster ride of hurdles, progress and funny moments. We see Seldon prepare to become a father again, whilst vandalising door signs of the feeding pads. We see him also become comfortable with the changes his king and lover are making to the kingdom.

I think this book is kind of two stories entwined. We have Danial’s Vision become reality and his readiness to rule his kingdom, with the ability of knowing what he can bring and what he can entrust to his council.

And as mentioned above Seldon’s growth into embracing change rather than running from it.

As ever Caledon is not far from either of his lovers, to support and nurture their growth.



Spoiler Alert
Hidden cont As usual the author has done another turn the world upside down ending that leaves Danial’s mind working like crazy to embrace the fact that there are other supernatural beings in the world. Not least werewolves amongst others. A strange ending you might think……? But we know better it is a crafty hook to follow the Vargr werewolves in a brand-new series. It is a series that I am so looking forward to reading, As not only is it about Werewolves, but based in the same world as this series, and we are promised that The Cubi Favourite characters will be seen in the new series from time to time.


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