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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


A story of Betrayal, forbidden love, rejection, and family drama.


Hector is in love with his brother’s former best friend, what hector does not know is that his brother had been fooling around, until his brother rejected Wentworth and married his now wife.

Several years later Hector and Wentworth have planned a two-week holiday at Wentworth’s Country estate. Of course, Will finds out and tell his former friend that he must stop seeing his younger brother.

There are so many emotions in this story, betrayal, lies, half-truths, secrets, and of course forbidden love in a time when two men were not allowed to be in a relationship with one another.

The hurt and anger has towards Wentworth for actions he took after Will rejected him. And Wentworth’s guilt for the same actions as well as his growing attraction to Hector, a young man full of life, happiness, and innocence.

A very deep but tangled web of emotions can not stop true love, even a near death experience can not stop that love from thriving. Though the secrets that both Will and Wentworth have kept from Hector almost succeeds in him walking away from both.

I liked all three characters, I loved the fun and youthfulness of Hector, but I found Wentworth the most interesting character, he is not coping very well with his emotions heavy guilt from his past and from keeping the truth from Hector is almost destroying him. But when he is with Hector, he is full of life and manages to forget his troubles for a while.

The characters are so real that they almost step off the page or is it that we are drawn into the story world.

The story world is well described, from the elegant country estate surrounded by countryside, to Hectors less then flattering rooms in a townhouse.

The incident that nearly costs one of them their life is also the incident that brings them back together and helps bridges to be mended.

I thoroughly enjoyed this authentic historical romance.



Gay Historical Romance


Stephanie Lake is the pen name for a husband/wife team who enjoy writing happy endings and steamy middles. We write historical and contemporary LGBTQ+ and M/F romance. Inspiration for our stories comes from living in seven countries and traveling around the world. Wherever we wander, our beloved four-legged family member is not far away.

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