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Command & Care by Morticia Knight

Series Type:
Individual Stories
Number In Series:
Knight Ever After Publishing
30 October 2020
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


Now I must admit I love Morticia Knights books. So, I have high expectations when I start a new book from Morticia and let me tell you she blew my expectations away with this one.

This book is a fantastic Daddy/boy novel, but it also has such a strong plot and back story that gives it a unique feel.

If you like to have your heart torn to peace’s and slowly put back together, then you will love this one, just have two or three boxes of tissues handy as the tears will flow.

Rogan Steele is a police officer, though these days he is a training instructor and not active in the field. Is reeling from finding out his best friend who has just been shot dead by the police, was a sadistic serial killer. Not only is he dumbstruck by the news, but he is now questioning his own ability to judge people’s character.

Putting aside his feelings and anger of Cams actions he attends the funeral, as who else will be there to support Cams mother, it is not her fault that her son was a monster.

Tate was Cams boyfriend and submissive boy, he relied on Cam to make decisions for him, to guide him in life. Now he has nothing and no one. He is falling deep and fast into an abyss. He just can not fully function without someone to take charge.


After the funeral is over Tate manages to build enough courage to approach Rogan. They go for a coffee and a chat. It is obvious that their feelings are similar from denial of what Cam did, to anger and even hate, but also grief not just of Cam, but the relationships they had with them, was any of it real.

We follow these two grieving guys as they help and support each other the best way they can, after all they do not really have anyone else to turn too. Their feelings for one another slowly develop but neither believe that Rogan would be able to be the Daddy and authorities figure that Tate desperately needs. Until Rogan kind of realises he is already taking on part of the role, especially in fighting Tate’s corner when police harass him constantly,

This is a very touching and heartfelt story that is full of deep emotions. I tried to place myself in both characters shoes and was left wondering how you come to terms with such news.

Characters are perfectly portrayed and the plot and pace are spot on, just like I would expect in a Morticia Knight Novel.


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