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The Blood Winter series by S. J. Coles

Pride Publishing
29 December 2020
Book Type
Heat Level


Reviewed By: Josh Dale


There are so many paranormal vampire books out there. And I have read my fair share of them. If you think that there can not be a freshly written Vampire story? Think again.

Blood Winter is a fresh and exciting read.

We have Haemophiles (vampires) living alongside each other. Though the tension between the two species is quite hostile. And what is fresh about this story is the way that it is the humans that are the bad guys.

You see vampire blood is addictive to humans, and the Rich as with drugs can afford to pay vampires for their blood, but some just take vampires and hold them sedated, so they have a source of their blood on tap.

Alec MacCarthy, Lord of Aviemore, is a recluse who spends most of his days restoring classic cars on his estate in Scotland. He hides from society after a bad relationship. To get Alec out in the big wide world she begs him to go to a work-related party with her.

After the party Alec is persuaded to a second party!

Soon after arriving at the party everyone is led down to the basement and to Alec and Megs horror there is a vampire restrained and sedated with tubes connected to his veins. The host then fills shot glasses with the blood from the vampire, who looks like he is fading from being drained of his blood.

Alec can’t stand by and allow the abuse to continue, so sneaks back down to the vampire and naively feeds the vampire with some human blood. Which sets of a chain of events, that include kidnapping, murder, escapes and a whole manor of events.

When Terje the vampire regains his power after drinking the blood Alec gave him. He kills one of the guests and takes Alec as protection as he escapes the party.

With snowstorms ravaging the area they end up snowed in for several days. This is where their attraction for one another starts. Of course, the sense of mistrust is high, especially for Alec until Terje not only saves his life but cares for him.

The bond between the two grows slowly through the book and does not just happen overnight. Both Alec and Terje seem to be surviving and not living at the start of the book, but they seem to show each other what they are missing and are kind of each other’s wakeup call.

You really do get a feeling that they are fated mates, and they are each prepared to risk their lives to save the other.

You truly relate and connect to both Characters and I am absolutely in love with Terje who is so protective of Alec.

The descriptive writing is superb, both characters whom you really get to feel their emotions and their growing bond. And the harsh Scottish Winter along with the thrill and suspense of the plot.

I really really hope we get to see these two characters again sometime soon. And I am now hunting down S.J. Coles other books to read!


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