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Immortal Jewels by Lee Colgin

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Lee Colgin
14 April 2021
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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


The story in this book continues from Beneath the Opal Arc. As hinted in book one the search is on to find an ancient group of vampires that keep themselves hidden. Valeri believes they have the secret cure to the Madness disease that Vampire suffer in their later lives, and of which Mahu is currently suffering and close to dying.

This time we follow Elias a young vampire with and big heart, and Valeri, who keeps tight control on Elias. Fear of losing Elias to someone else, Valeri keeps the young vampire by his side, and often takes out his frustrations and worries on Elias. Whilst his actions are often deplorable, and even come back to haunt him, Valeri does love Elias and would give anything for the young vampire. Well, everything but the one thing he needs, freedom to have friends outside of their relationship.

This book takes a slightly slower pace and focuses on the characters in more depth. We find out a lot more about Elias and Valeri. But we also learn about Laurance and Valeri’s relationship and mutual hatred of each other.

Valeri’ secrets and manipulation may destroy all hope of recovering the secret cure, and even cost the groups lives.

It was good to see Laurance and Remy appear in this story as part of the group. Their unique vampire/witch abilities are vital.

Laurance and Remy also befriend Elias much to Valeri’s annoyance. At a certain point it seems that Valeri is resigned to losing Elias. And realises he has brought it on himself. Can he change his ways and give Elias what he needs before it is too late?

As with book one, the world building is vivid and amazing, I even got seasick along with poor Elias. The tension Lee builds is tangible, and you find it hard to trust Valeri at every move he makes.

The story weaving once again is excellent and with the flashbacks to Elias and Valeri’s first meet up, up to the present day, gives us plenty of insight into why Valeri is the way he is. Which has the knock-on effect of showing us where Laurence trust issues lie.

I Thoroughly enjoyed the book and I am excited for the third book, which I believe will be Mahu’s story. I hope we get to see the previous characters in book three. Maybe’s even see Lawrence and Valeri build bridges. And would like to seel Elias and Remy team up in some way. But I know whatever happens the next book will be another great read.


Lee Colgin has loved vampires since she read Dracula on a hot, sunny beach at 13 years old. She lives in North Carolina with lots of dogs and her husband. No, he's not a vampire, but she loves him anyway. Lee likes to workout so she can eat the maximum amount of cookies with her pizza. Ask her how much she can bench press.

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