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Unfinished Business by Barbara Elsborg

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Barbara Elsborg
2 October 2020
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Reviewed By: Josh Dale


This is book two in the Unfinished Business series, following on from The Making of Jonty Bloom. Whilst the books can be read as stand alone. I would recommend you read Jonty’s story first, It will give you a real perspective of Jonty and Tay’s former friendship, which whilst not the major part of this books plot, it does give you the full picture of their friendship and also the seriousness of Tay’s injuries.

This book follows Tay has he struggles to recover, claim his independence and battle his parent’s protectiveness. As well as having woken up to find his best friend (and his secret love interest” is in a relationship with another man.

Tay is hurting from not just the injuries but a broken heart. He has cut himself off from Jonty and moved to London with the aim of being independent. And to the outside world he looks like he is struggling but managing. When if he put his stubbornness aside, he is really sinking. Until Ink a homeless guy steps into his life.

Ink first meets Tay in the street and see’s that Tay needs a listening ear and goes over and talks to him.

Ink is running from his past, having been in witness protection since his childhood when he was falsely imprisoned. He does not stay anywhere too long with a persistent reporter always hunting him down for his story about what happened in his childhood.

Ink accidently walks into a job interview as a carer for Tay. Tay Hires him as the least annoying of the applicants even though he knows Ink is from the streets and not a carers agency. But he wants his parents off his back.

Now if you have read any of Barbara’s novels you will know that there are raw emotions and lots of laughter in the mix. This book is no different.

Both Tay and Ink are broken, and both need a second chance at life. Their friendship starts of bumpy to say the least, as Tay is constantly trying to push away Ink. But Ink is just as stubborn and does not take Tay’s crap for long. And Ink is always one foot out of the door ready to run if that darn reporter should turn up again.

That is until the boys get to know each other and start to build trust between them. Neither dares to believe that they have a long-term future.

After Ink tells Tay his dark past, Tay is determined to fight for their relationship and for Tay’s future happiness and soon comes up with a plan.

When they arrive back north to the opening of the refurbished hotel where Jonty and Devon work, so Tay can try and rebuild his friendship with Jonty.

Events move fast and with Jonty and Devon’s help Tay and Ink manage to turn the table on the rogue reporter.

But the twist in the story at the end left me gobsmacked, I just did not see that coming. It’s kind of left me with mixed emotions. Yes, it was a happy ending, but poor Ink has suffered so much.

I loved Tay and Ink, both stubborn but with great character and very funny at times, if you read book one, think Jonty slightly less manic lol.

The think I really like about Barbara’s books is the characters are always real and fully fledged out, and the raw emotions that you feel from them. I always say a good book / author is one that can make you feel. And a great book can make you feel happy, sad, angry and at peace in one book. As with book one this book does exactly that!


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