We are excited to welcome new friends and friends from our previous site mm midnight cafe. We hope you all like and enjoy the new site.  please click the ABOUT US menu link above to find out more about the changes and new / up coming features.  

We would love to hear your thoughts about the site and any idea’s you may have you can contact us at Email Us


Initially we will only be adding Author profiles  and books connected to new and past promo’s.

We hope to start accepting New author profiles in a week or two.

Advertising space for a ebook prize donation will also be launched in a week or Two


Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Matters

MM Fiction Cafe wants to ensure that your personal data is safe. Your personal data is stored on our VPS webserver based in a Data Centre in Chicago USA. We may occasionally need to transferr a back up to a cloud storage site, during a server update / restore being processed. Once the task is completed the file in cloud storage will be deleted immediately.


What is personal Data?

Personal Data is any information collected by us that could possibly be used to identify you. Such as Your name, age, address, email, username, Ip addresses.

What we collect?

The Data we currently collect is

Website visits: Ip address of website Visitors.

Newsletter subscribers: Username, email addresses when you sign up for our Newsletter.

The data we collect may change as our website adds features. We will update our privacy policy accordingly.


Why we need to collect your information.

MM Fiction Café will only store Personal Data, on a absolute need to work our Newsletter / Site work properly, And to collect daily visitor numbers.

We will for instance collect username and passwords with email address when you sign up for our newsletter.

We will also collect the Ip addresses of visitors to the website (No other information is collected this way.) To enable us to know how many visitors we have daily.

We may in the future Add other features to our website and need to collect data to enable the features to work properly.   Any user will be asked to consent to such information being collected, and we will update our privacy Policies accordingly

Third Parties.

MM Fiction Cafe Does not currently collect / share / or store personal data through any third party service (eg, google analytics or AdSense for instance.)

We do not and will not knowingly share any Data we collect with any third party. Except Law enforcement agencies if required.


Our site may use cookies to help the site features function.  No data is knowingly shared with any third parties.


Under the new GDPRs European law you have the right to access the information we collect. You can do this by sending an email to Data Request requesting access to all your Data collected by us.

You also have the right to request that we remove all your data collected by us again this can be done by email to Data Removal Request requesting data removal.

You may unsubscribe from our Newsletter at any time by clicking unsubscribe link at the bottom of our newsletter or by email


By visiting our website, you consent to us collecting your ip address as mentioned above.

Subscribing to our Newsletter you will be asked to read and consent to your data being collected by us.