Interview With Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

ICE Devils


What inspired the storyline for Ice Devils?

Josh: We’ve always been fascinated by enemies-to-lovers stories. Honestly, I doubt it happens that often in real life, but that makes it all the more fun to read.

Ryan: I read a story on a gay blog about two soccer players who were infamous among their teammates for being at each other’s throats all the time but eventually became lovers, and then husbands. I thought we could write a book like that.

Josh: Ryan showed the article to me, and I agreed it was worth a try. We had a lot of fun writing about Blake and Sako and are glad the story worked.


When did you know this story was about Blake and Sako?

Ryan: We’d wanted to have Blake as a main character since we wrote Nice Catching You. He was such an asset to that story, and a wonderful friend to Nick, that we knew he’d be back.

Josh: We also knew we wanted to write about Sako, who made appearances in Fire in the Ice and Ice Angels. As soon as we started writing Sako’s first chapter—which turned out to be chapter two in the book—we just knew his boyfriend had to be Blake.


Who wrote which character?

Ryan: For the first draft, I wrote Sako, and Josh wrote Blake.

Josh: After the first draft, we both made a lot of contributions to both characters.


Who did you model the main characters after?

Ryan: I could tell you, but I’d better not say.

Josh: Let’s just say they’re two people we admire greatly.

Ryan: Actually, I think “inspiration” would be a better word for the real-life guys than “model.” Our friends are great guys, but there’s a lot involved in being a main character in a romance.

Josh: The guys, who don’t know they were the inspirations, gave us a great start and some good ideas along the way.


Did the storyline stay on course or did the muse surprise you with any plot twists?

Josh: There were some surprises along the way, for sure. We had a very neat plan for what would happen when, and how the story would work itself out, but Sako and Blake had other ideas.

Ryan: They always wanted to go in a different direction than we had in mind, and now that the book’s done, I’m glad we listened to them. It’s a much better story than the one we outlined.

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