Interview With Ann Marie James

Ann Marie James sitting down with Max Ramirez from The Way to a Man’s Heart.

Ann Marie: I’m here interviewing Max Ramirez, head chef for the castle. Hello Max.

Max: Hello Ann Marie. How are you today?

Ann Marie: I’m good. Thank you for asking. Now I know you’re very busy getting ready for the Midsummer’s Ball so I won’t keep you long.

Max: Yes, we have a lot going on at the moment.

Ann Marie: Besides the ball?

Max: Oh yes. Dr. Guttschein is hosting a dinner next month for a medical conference. He is quite excited that he could offer a castle dinner to the participants.

Ann Marie: Dr. Guttschein is the surgeon general for the island, correct?

Max: Yes. First, we have to get through the ball though. Then I can focus on making sure everything is good to go for the dinner.

Ann Marie: Do you enjoy your job as the Head Chef?

Max: I really do. It’s been my dream to have a job like this since I was five. Everyone else wanted to be a cop or fireman. I just wanted to cook. I was very sad when Head Chef Howie Klein retired though. I didn’t feel like I had learned everything from him yet, but the arthritis in his feet made it so he couldn’t continue at the level he wanted.

Ann Marie: He’s still around though?

Max chuckles: Oh yes. He comes in from time to time to harass me and tell me what to do. Official title or no, he is still my superior, which he reminds me of often.

Ann Marie: But you are friends correct?

Max: Yes, we are. I’m also friends with his wife and son, Ryan.

Ann Marie: Ryan Klein, companion to Princess Zia is coming back this summer.

Max: His father told me that. He and his wife are beyond excited for him to be home.

Ann Marie: That’s great. Now, what about your family? Are they proud of you?

Max: They are super proud. As their only child they are pushing for me to find someone and settle down so they can have grandchildren, but proud of me in every other aspect of my life.

Ann Marie: No significant other?

Max: Honestly there hasn’t been time. I’ve been working hard to show that I deserved to become the youngest head chef in palace history. Are there times I wish I had someone to come home to and discuss my day with? Most definitely, but unless someone spectacular walks through the door that can tear my attention away from my kitchen, it’s not going to happen.

Ann Marie: A little focused are you?

Max: Until recently, without a doubt.

Ann Marie: Until recently?

Max: Yeah. People have been talking to me about finding balance and getting out there. Howie told me last week that the kitchen wasn’t going to love me back in my old age. He has a point. I just need to get through the next month or so and then I might try to make some changes.

Ann Marie: Well, here’s hoping the Midsummer’s Ball and conference dinner go well, so you can make that happen.

Max: Fingers crossed. Now I need to get back to my kitchen. Lots to do.

Ann Marie: Well I appreciate you giving me these few minutes.

Max: You’re very welcome.

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