Interview With Meraki P Lyhne

Matt, how are you settling being a big brother to twin girls?


It’s awesome, they’re cute, and I can’t wait until they’re older so we can really play with them. Right now, we mostly bond by pup piling and me reading stories to them. I look forward to racing them. I don’t care if we’re crawling, we’ll race. Dad and I already talked about us racing each other with them on our backs. That’s gonna be fun.

It’s like no matter whether we’re at Rasmus’ parents place or mine, we have twin baby sisters on our stomach every evening. His baby sisters and mine are about a year apart, so we’re going to have so much fun with them when they grow into running runts.


Rasmus, how challenging is it to date someone as driven as Matt?


Well, my Dad’s first Alpha, so I know driven intensity. My uncle is a Regional Alpha, and they’re very intense. But I love it. Matt is as driven in our relationship as he is with everything else. I sometimes have trouble keeping up, but that’s okay. He’s Alpha. I don’t think I’m supposed to be able to keep up. I don’t want to, either. The best part is that he relaxes with me. I’m proud of the fact that I can be that safe space for him. Then it doesn’t matter how driven he can be in other situations because then it’s just us.


Steffen, how worried are you about the new pack members coming in from the Geri Freki pack?


Very. I have no idea how they’ll react, but I know my pack will face the challenge. We’re good at supporting each other, and it’s my hope that my Bite will see that strength aid our new pack members as the second bond then grows and takes hold.

Considering the result of the fight at the mall, I see a lot of challenges ahead, so Tanja and I will have to be on our toes, and my Alphas need eyes in the back of their heads. But I’m still optimistic because we’re a strong pack with a strong bond.

I don’t know how Bjarne’s pack is, and their reactions are the ones I’m most worried about.


Tanja, what’s the funniest picture you found for the year frame this year?


That is by far my favorite job before spring. Let’s see, let’s see…

It’s sometimes difficult having to keep it at four for the center, and some of the fun isn’t even something we have pictures of because no one, even with cameras so readily available in phones, had time to snap one.

I wish I’d thought of having my camera at the ready to capture when Jesper and Nicklas managed to give their uncle, Brian, a soaked ass. I was watching as the runts stood bent over, staring at something on the ground. Jesper ran for Brian and got him over, having him crouch to see, too. Once he did, the runts pushed him over, making him sit ass first in a big puddle of water.

His expression. Priceless. Apparently because it was the runts winning a bet with their dad after Brian had tased them with soaking their asses.


Klaes and Tristan, what do you feel is the biggest reward you’ve gotten for taking Rolf as a sibling?


Tristan: Finally having someone in the family who can run from Klaes.

Klaes: *Gapes at his older brother* Finally having a brother with a better sense of humor! No, the biggest reward is to finally see him live again. I went to the States to get Rebecca, and hearing what we hadn’t figured out hurt my pack bond so bad. To see him blossom is fantastic. It’s difficult raising someone from Omega after that long, and I’ve had to push him a few times. Not easy as an Alpha, considering we kinda give off a natural fight repellant for Betas, and I’ve been afraid to push him hard enough to want to fight me.

At least our young brother, Brian, is good at stepping up and aiding me there, and he and Rolf have really had a few good ones.

Tristan: Yeah, bonding with him has been difficult, but he’s seeking out sibling piling now. When he came to my pack with Matt, Rebecca, and the girls, we spent most of the evening piling, and he initiated it. I have high hopes for Rolf and the girls bonding tightly with all of us. Matt’s a natural now, and I think Rasmus and Torben are the reason for that.

Klaes: Yeah, he certainly showed the way, too.


Tanja, how much first bond do you have close by, and who’re you closest with in the pack?


I have six siblings and my parents, yet we siblings are all over Denmark and one in Norway. My older brother, Oliver, lives closest, and he comes by at least once every few months and we play Yatzy or cards or something. Just him and me. Once a year, we all go to my parents. My dad’s really old now, and we fear there aren’t too many runs left in him.

In pack, I’m of course closest with Steffen. I’m as closely bonded with him as I am Oliver and my twin brother, Axel, and I’m so happy they’ve built a strong bond with Steffen, too.

I’m really close with Sanne and Ulla. And Lillian. Having humans in our pack this way to support Matt is new, but they’re really wonderful people, and I’m certain their presence has helped Rolf so much after his rise to Beta.

My niece is in our pack, too. Lærke. She helps me with the yearly audits because she’s really good with numbers. I’m hoping she’ll find a mate, soon, and have some pups, but she’s pretty business orientated at the moment. And yeah, that’s probably because I don’t have pups of my own yet.


Esben, you and Matt have trained together as Alpha trainees for a while now. How do you feel about a young Alpha coming to the pack with an ember like that?


I greatly respect him and his ember, and I enjoy the fact that he always steps up when I poke at him to see what him and his ember’s got. He’s a good guy. He’s fun. I only wish he’d leave the pack more. Like with me. I like going to participate in some of the environmental work that happens around Aarhus and on our territory, yet he’s either not allowed or don’t want to go because he’s training with the Alphas on ember control.

I kinda feel sorry for him then, but not that I pity him. He’s a strong Alpha, and I respect his dedication to control that power, but…he’s younger than me, and he doesn’t go out and just have fun.

Maybe I’ll succeed in getting him to one day. Or at least join in on one of the trips my siblings and I go on with the clean city group. We pick up trash all day and get companies to sponsor food and drinks for those we get to help, and then we help spread information about the problems of littering. I like that work.

Thank You all for taking time out to have a little chat with us. We all look forward to finding out what happens in the future for you all and of course the pack.

Thank you to Sarah Jones and Meraki for rounding up the guys and asking them some great questions.


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