Interview With Meraki P Lyhne


Tell us a little about Vargr your new series.

Contrary to the Cubi, this is low heat. In the beginning, at least, because the MC starts out at age 16. As the cast grows, adult themes enter, too. Even though it has Alphas, Betas, and Omegas, it’s not a romance where either of those has anything to do with the characters gender, sexuality, or something like that. It’s paranormal action adventure, and the MCs with POV happen to be gay and bi sexual.

Vargr is the Norse word for Warge as used by Tolkien. In Norse Mythology they’re the wolves accompanying the gods. I spin on that, making them a race of shifters living in different packs. The story takes place in Denmark and is explored through an exchange student from the States.

Where did the idea come from and how did it grow into a solid plan?

I’ve never written shifters before, and I like to challenge myself. Knowing the Cubi would end soon, I needed some inspiration, so I binge-watched Ragnarok on Netflix on October 31st and November 1st, jotting down stray ideas as they came. Then a muse stepped forward and announced himself the MC, Matt, and I started writing. I finished the first and started the second book in the month of November and wrote Cubi #9 in December.


When did you start work on the series?

November 1st, 2020. I’ve been writing it non-stop since, except for a week on Lil Harvest when I needed a change of scenery.


Was it difficult to begin something new?

No. I love the puzzle of worldbuilding. It’s my absolutely favorite part of writing, and I treat worldbuilding with the same care and focus I do making characters stand out as individuals with their own quirks and humor.


You have hinted that Characters from the Cubi series will visit some of the novels in Vargr, can you tell us a little about that?

What one Royal implements, they all do, and Nol-Elakdon is very hands on in his Kingdom. Considering he shares nation with the most Vargr in the world, the Cubi will be more than just visiting a few times.

I’ll even reveal that the Vargr won’t be the only spin-off. The world started in the Cubi is enormous and will keep expanding in more series than with just Cubi and Vargr in an intricate web of lore, worldbuilding, and the individual races needs and wants.


So what is a day in your life like?

Ha ha. Very simple. I get up, go to work, and when I come home, I write until I go to bed. At least that’s what my days ended up as since February 2020. I’m trying to add something more because I’ve finally noticed how antisocial I easily became when CoVid closed everything down.


What is the one thing you have missed most during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Nothing. I didn’t go out much as it was, and it gave me a lot more writing time. As can be seen in how a day in my life is, my introvert side is on max at the moment. That’s probably going to be difficult to turn around now that my country is slowly opening up again.


Tell us a secret fact that you have not shared before?

Uh! Uhm…I’ve made up stories since I was 3 years old, which almost cost me my life when I was little. Someone apparently got strangled in one of my stories, and my mom came to the rescue and untied whatever I was about suffocate from having wrapped around my throat.


Apart from writing, do you have any hobbies / interests?

I like training Calisthenics. Also, I’m planning on taking up playing the guitar. Outside that, I dabble in stuff when it’s fun. Like making chainmail.


Do you have any favourite mm authors / books that you like to read?

Yeah, a lot. I haven’t had the opportunity to really binge read anything for a while, but THIRDS by Charlie Cochet is a re-read of mine. I also love Nicholas Bella, Nero Seal, Jordan Castillo Price, Jeff Erno, Dirk Grayson, Brina Brady, KC Wells, and Parker Williams. And more! Many more. But these are among the ones I keep going back to.


You had to suspend Taboo Booxxx Publishing House due to the pandemic. Are you planning on bringing it back?

We didn’t close it down completely, but we had to halt our plans for a while as an investment fell at the wrong time when CoVid hit. We’re building a better and stronger foundation before we give it another go with other authors than me. My books are still the financial foundation.


Will you be writing anymore dark novels?

Yes. I’m currently working on Lil Harvest #6, and I’m having fun with trying MF and dark weirdness. Again, simply to challenge myself. There will be many more Dark books, yet my focus is currently on Vargr. I might go Dark side afterward as a palette cleanser.


Tell us ten things you like and ten things you do not like?

Ten things I like: Fountain pens, acapella music, bonfires, sleeping in nature, geeking out on science stuff, American muscle cars, fishing, learning new things, buying presents for people just because (outside birthdays and Christmas and stuff), and roller-skating.

Ten things I don’t like: rap music, littering, chores, gossip, reality TV, large crowds, shopping for clothes, traveling, and phone salesmen.


What works in progress are you currently working on?

Vargr #5, Lil Harvest #6, and Season #3 of a pseudonym’s books


Thank you Meraki for taking time out from writing, to join us. Good luck on the new release and series.


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