What are ten things about William Marshall (Armija) that people should know?


  1. William is a member of the Muwekma Ohlone Nation.


  1. Before his retirement he was a well-connected lawyer in the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area.


  1. When William was a small boy, he met Juliet and she gave him a gold coin, which he kept.


  1. William was married, with two children (a son and a daughter) and five grandkids.


  1. Despite being a retired lawyer, William and his father before him have all been Healers and used the abilities to help their Nation and to charm Juliet’s property. He is the only member of his Nation to know the truth about Immortals (a secrete passed down to him by his father and so on.)


  1. William lives in East San Jose, in the hills overlooking the valley.


  1. Even though William is mortal, he is aware of the Immortal community and witches. He has also been keeping an eye on Duncan/Chris and is fascinated by his abilities.


  1. The relationship William has with Juliet and Victor is one of respect, he may not agree with or like Immortals and how they conduct themselves, but he understands they are part of nature and the world so he leaves them to live their lives and keeps many of their secretes, despite not being bound by any of their laws.


  1. William is aware that other Native American’s know of the existence of Immortals and witches, however these things are not spoken of even amongst his own people. They are left to legend and lore, for everyone’s safety.


  1. When it comes to William’s abilities he is one of the strongest Healers known, however, much like himself, his abilities are understated and no one, but William knows how powerful he really is and can be.