Guest Post:- Fearne Hill


I started writing romance a couple of years ago and was lucky enough to have my manuscript picked up by NineStar Press. I’m a hospital doctor by day, so with no background in publishing/marketing/developing the creative side of my brain, it has been quite a learning curve.


  1. Professional editors are the difference between hanging patterned wallpaper yourself and paying a decorator do it. Priceless, in other words.
  2. There aren’t enough synonyms in the English language for smile, laugh, see, walk or feel. Nor is there a suitable expression bridging the emotional gap between ‘fucking’ and ‘making love’. All suggestions gratefully received.
  3. Googling 1980’s national soccer teams is a great way to find names for characters. You’re welcome.
  4. Lorenzo Dimple. A rather wonderful name I came across recently (not a Columbian centre forward from 1982, although he could be). That foxy bugger is so going to get his own story one day.
  5. My fave author, Alexis Hall, recently said that every book is like writing a tricky second album. As in everything, he’s so right.
  6. I now struggle to read any novels in a non-critical fashion, despite being a duff critic. And the writing part of my brain no longer has the bandwidth to read ‘serious’ fiction anymore, nor watch much drama on the telly. Which frees up a lot of time for writing or thinking about writing. Win-win.
  7. A famous golfer, Gary Player, once said that ‘the harder I practice, the luckier I get’. Same is true for writing. I cringe horribly when I read my earlier self-pub stuff. I still cringe at everything I write now, but a little bit less.
  8. Sex is good, but have you ever had a random person, from a country you can’t place on a map, download your novel and give you a great review? Sort of makes it all worthwhile.
  9. My university educated friends feel that the romance genre is beneath them. I don’t sweat it – it’s their loss. We all need uplifting HEA’s to stay sane in this crazy world.
  10. It’s easier to write about what you know. Which is why I have three books coming out later this year based around a genderqueer, nightdress-wearing, 21st century earl called Lucien who owns a vast country estate, a mansion in Mayfair, and drinks his own body weight in Campari.