Guest Post:- J. Scott Coatsworth

I’ve been writing professionally now for seven years – damn, where does the time go? And I’ve rarely gone out to scout a location for a story. The one exception to this? Cailleadhama, my san Francisco post-climate-change elf-meets-trans man urban fantasy sci-fi romance, Cailleadhama.

See, it’s set in the City by the Bay after a near-catastrophic sea-level rise. A wall now protects the inner parts of the City, while the outer margins are drowned like Venice.

The first part of the story is set in what’s now the Fisherman’s Wharf and South of Market (SOMA) districts, and I needed to see what 40 feet of water would look like there. So mark and I hopped in the car one day and drove down to San Francisco, parked and walked around to see how one might get around when that much of the city was underwater.

It turns out there are a number of ledges, balconies, and other pieces of construction that could be used to create a workable pathway – not without its dangers, of course, but that’s half the fun. I found a way for my main character, Colton, to navigate on foot almost all the way from his apartment to the Ferry Building where he meets the Pharmacist, an mysterious character who sets him off on his quest.

We walked down the waterfront, and I found a few details to add to the story, including Cupid’s Span – the bow and arrow sculpture along the old waterfront that is of particular interest to the bow and arrow wielding elf Tris when he sees it.

We also stopped by Oracle Park – the ballpark in China Basin, to ask a few questions for part of the story I had set there in the luxury suites atop the stadium.

It was a great trip, a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon together, and I hope it shows when you listen to the story!