Guest Post:- Rain Carrington

Meet The Characters of Robin by Rain Carrington


  1. Robin Pavasaris- The main character of the book and series. He is a young man of eighteen when the story begins, and we learn much about him right off the bat. He’s got a mother that ignores his existence until she blackmails him in a really nasty way to try to get his trust fund early from his billionaire father. He thinks he’s in love, but the boyfriend he has is part of the blackmail, so he experiences his very first heartbreak early on. He’s got some depression issues that are totally understandable, being the people he’s surrounded by, and yet he’s got a good heart, and he holds onto hope well, despite life constantly interfering with his happiness.


  1. Alex Pavasaris- Alexandras, to be exact, is Robin’s half-brother, whom he’s never met until he goes to visit his father during the summer after his senior year. Of everyone in the home, Alex doesn’t buy into the family’s religious zealotry, their obsession with money or their way of treating others like they’re insignificant. He is Robin’s only ally in the home, and Alex tries to warn him against trusting anyone, himself included.


  1. Preston Crowley- Preston is the typical trust fund kid. He drives a fast car, calls people by silly nicknames like sport and preppy. He parties too much, cares little about school or being proper. How he is uncommon, however, is the fact that he knows he is money hungry, a snob and a mess-up. He becomes Robin’s close friend, helping him to navigate the life of a rich kid in their area of Connecticut, and in turn, takes some of Robin’s love of life instead of money, his wish for better for others instead of just himself.


  1. Filip Pavasaris- Filip is the father of Robin and Alex, and the oldest son, Mykolas. He left his first wife, Regina to marry Robin’s mother, Chelsea, causing a scandal in their town that was still whispered about behind their backs. Staying with Chelsea briefly, he went back to his first wife and went on to live a life of penance, his head down and letting his wife run every part of their lives with just a simple nod from him. He’s obviously miserable, but the mystery of why he left the wife he loved, how things are always done behind his back, and why he drinks alone in a room on the third floor, when liquor isn’t’ allowed in the house are some of the mysteries that will be slowly solved over the course of the series.


  1. Luis Burgos- Luis works for the Pavasaris family, caring for their horses on the island of Dove’s Landing, the island the family owns. When we first meet Luis, he is having sex in the stables with Preston, and takes an instant dislike to Robin, only because he fears the religious Pavasaris family will learn from him of Luis’ sexuality. As the book goes on, we find out that Luis and Alex were best friends, having been in love in their youth, and Luis may hold on to that love, despite Alex moving on from the romance. He’s got a major role in book two, and will come to be the best ally Alex could ever dream of having.