Guest Post:- Madeira Desouza

Madeira Desouza is your pseudonym.

Why do you not use the name you were born with?

Back when I was a young man just starting out in college as a journalism major, I came to admire writers who distinguished themselves through their professional works. But it also seemed cool to me that some of the most well-known writers chose to use a pseudonym.

Mark Twain was the pen name chosen by Samuel Langhorne Clemens because it is based on a riverboat navigation term from the 19th century. Filtered through the perceptions of an impressionable young man new to college, having a pen name with a hidden meaning just was the coolest thing I discovered up until then about the writing profession. I wanted to have that for myself.


My heritage is Portuguese from both my parents. Madeira is the Portuguese word for wood. The meaning I was going for with this pen name is wood from Desouza. The surname Desouza comes from one of my old country grandparents. Most people today just call me by my nickname, Woody.