Guest Post:- H. M. Wolfe

To be honest, A Special Kind of Perfect was never meant to be. I don’t do standalone books; series with a continuous storyline and lots of characters migrating from one book to another—this is my jam. Peyton and Ezra were never meant to be more than two secondary characters in my first series, The Dragons’ House.

However, I didn’t take into account the love my alpha, Nicole Novack-Ricciotti, had, and still has for Peyton, the shy, sweet, generous intersex character who I didn’t pay to much attention to. I value Nicole very much, as an alpha, as a reader and as a friend, and I gave in every time she asked me to write more Peyton and Ezra scenes.

Of course, Ezra wasn’t meant to be a main character, either. He was taciturn, studious, reserved, and had a very hard time using words to express his feeling, but he didn’t need to, because his actions spoke volumes. Nicole was very fond of Ezra, because he loved Peyton in a very special, profound way.

The more I wrote about these two, together or in separate scenes, the deeper the connection between me and the two characters became, to the point I started to consider them real people. I discovered more and more qualities and nuances in each of them, and that made me fell in love with Peyton and Ezra a little more each time I wrote about them.

Nicole is my alpha and close friend, but above all, she is one of my most dedicated readers. Writing A Special Kind of Perfect was my way of showing her my gratitude and appreciation, but also an expression of the special relationship I developed over time with Peyton and Ezra. It was a wonderful journey, which wouldn’t have been possible was it not for the great love a reader had for the two characters and the faith she had in ability to tell their story.