Guest Post:- Davidson King

A perfect day is a hot cup of coffee, a cuddly cat beside me, and writing massive chaos. Yeah, that’s everything to me. I love writing chaos. But, I love my cat and coffee equally. I can often be found huddled over my laptop, writing a scene muttering, “I’m so sorry I’m doing this to you,” while I put my main characters through the wringer.

When I started writing I knew there would always be an element of adventure, action, and suspense to my stories. I didn’t realize how much. But, then it was happening and the voices took over and, welp, here we are. Thirteen books later and mayhem has ensued. But my coffee is still hot and my cat is still cuddly. That’s what is important, right?

I can’t imagine writing a story that didn’t have insane conflict. Be it a mob boss, an angry vampire (soon), a crazy shifter (possibly), or a dark assassin. This is my life, my writing life, and I love it.