Guest Post:- R J Scott

I first started playing Christmas music in August. In my defense I was just about to start writing The Wishing Tree and needed to get into the mood. My son found this hilarious, and kept pointing at the play list and laughing at me. My favorite Christmas song is Greg Lake’s ‘I believe in Father Christmas’ and it gets played over, and over, and over… I also love ‘Christmas Lights’ from Coldplay.
But the thing that makes my family laugh the hardest is me watching Christmas romances on the Hallmark Channel when it’s still warm outside! The trick for me is to close the curtains, make a mug of tea, eat chocolate and immerse myself in all the schmaltzy holiday goodness. In my opinion there can never be enough small town Christmas tree light displays that need saving!
The Wishing Tree is a small town romance, between the hockey player who left and the jewelry designer he knows that he loves. Throw in brother’s best friend, Christmas magic (yes, including a light procession), some pond skating, a lot of snow, and a sprinkle of gentle kink, and my Christmas story this year might just be my favorite so far.
I hope your holiday sparkles