Trigger Warnings:
Contains or mentions, homophobia, bullying, gay suicide.
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Please Note: There is a delay in the publication of this book. It should be available soon.

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The Pizza Chronicles by Andy V Roamer
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Nine Star Press LLC
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RV is now a junior in Book #5, Why Can’t Dating Be Like Pizza?. It’s the most important year of high school, as his guidance counselor makes clear. He pushes RV to improve his grades, get more active socially, and show colleges why they should accept him over other candidates. But RV has other things on his mind.  He has met Luke, freshly arrived in Boston from Los Angeles. Luke shows him a whole new world of romance, movie making, and fun.  RV’s friends and family pull him in other directions though.  There’s the responsibility of earning money.  His longtime friend Carole pulls him into politics, asking him to direct her campaign running for the student council.  His old crush Bobby isn’t around much, and RV has to accept that he and Bobby are no longer an item, though he still has some feelings for him.   But when Luke makes an unexpected announcement, RV really has to accept that dating has painful downs as well as joyful ups.


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