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A.M. Salinger
17 March 2023
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He’s a brooding, tattooed mechanic. He’s the suave manager of a famous rock band. Can opposites really attract?

The last thing Tristan Hart expects when he goes for a ride on his Harley one afternoon is that he’d pick up a gorgeous, stranded stranger on the side of the road. One who pushes his buttons in all the right ways. But James Lang isn’t the kinda of guy he’s used to dating and Tristan resigns himself to never seeing him again after he fixes his car and sends him on his way.

James is used to being in control of his life. As the manager of one of the most popular rock bands on the planet, he’s navigated plenty of storms, including the very public breakdown of the lead singer of Crazyknot. But all it takes is one soul-stirring kiss from Tristan to shatter his cool composure and make him ache for something he never thought he could have.

When circumstances beyond their control make Tristan and James’s worlds collide, their physical attraction deepens into something neither man expected. But the dark secrets James and Crazyknot have kept from the world soon come to light and the ensuing scandal threatens to ruin the lives of James’s best friend and one of Tristan’s closest childhood friend.

Can Tristan and James’s burgeoning relationship weather this latest storm? And will James finally open his heart to the man who has captivated his body, mind, and soul?

Join Tristan and James in this sizzling sixth installment in Twilight Falls, the new series by the author of the bestselling, contemporary, gay romance series Nights.

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James came to with a start. Something slid down his chest and pooled on his lap as he bolted upright on the couch.

It was a blanket.

James looked up and gazed blankly around the cozy office. He bit back a groan when he recognized where he was.

Shit. I can’t believe I fell asleep.

He glanced at his watch and realized he didn’t have his glasses on. They were on the coffee table in front of him. Someone, Tristan in all likelihood, had not only removed them and cleared up his mess, he’d also put a blanket over him.

Heat flooded James’s face. The whole thing made him feel embarrassed and strangely vulnerable, two emotions he wasn’t used to experiencing.

A sound distracted him. Faint music drifted over from the garage. James hesitated before rising to his feet. He slipped his glasses on, shrugged into his jacket, and folded the blanket into a perfect square before placing it on the couch. He crossed the office with determined steps and came out in Tristan’s workshop, only to rock to a stop.

The mechanic was bent over the engine compartment of his car. He’d slipped on dark, blue gray overalls and was whistling softly to a rock ’n’ roll song playing on a vintage radio on a bench.

James’s gaze locked on Tristan’s well defined backside like a laser. His lips parted hungrily, his libido jackknifing into life like he’d stuck his fingers in an electric socket.

That ass is illegal.

Tristan straightened, cleaned his hands on a rag, and turned around. He stilled when he spotted James.

“Oh. You’re up.” His mouth curved up. “Just in time too. I’m done fixing your car.”

James blinked. Tristan’s smile was doing strange things to his pulse.

God, what is wrong with me?!

“Hmm, thanks for the blanket.” He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly as he headed over. “I’m sorry I fell asleep. I must have been more tired than I thought.”

“You look better for it.”

James startled a little at that.

Did he watch me sleep?

That question should have creeped him out. Except it didn’t. If anything, he found it oddly…arousing.


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