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Strapped for Cash is a prequel to Cold Hard Cash and Hard Earned Cash. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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Cold Hard Cash series by K.L. Hiers
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After the Luchesi mafia family betrays him, assassin Mickey Tamerlane joins with gangster Boss Cold to seek revenge. But as they maneuver to take out their enemies and claim control over the city’s underworld, Mickey finds himself distracted by the newest member of Cold’s crew.

Cocky and handsome, Roger Lorre pushes Mickey’s buttons until Mickey pushes back hard.

Hard enough to hurt.

But no matter how well-used and sore he leaves Roger, once isn’t going to be enough for either of them.

Not even close.

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Mickey didn’t need a hotel.

He needed an insane asylum.

First, he would commit Roger, and then he would commit himself because here he was still driving over to the Master Inn Economy Motel.

He wasn’t entirely sure if his head was screwed on right when he locked the door of their room for the night, finally alone with Roger.

The ride over here had been tense, and the air inside the small room was absolutely electric. He questioned his sanity for going through with this, but his growing desire trumped any hesitations.

Roger immediately made himself comfortable by stretching out on the bed, and he grinned. “Now, get naked. I wanna see you.”

“Bossy, aren’t you?” Mickey remained standing by the door and kept his clothes on for now.

“Oh, very.”

“I’m going to need for you to simmer down for a second.”


“Because this is a very bad idea.”

Roger frowned. “What are you talking about?” He narrowed his eyes. “We’re still fucking, right?”

“Yes, but—”

“Then who cares!” Roger pulled off his shirt. “I’m still hot as fuck after watching you clean out that restaurant. Also, silencers, not quite as silent as I thought they would be.”

“After tonight, we’re done,” Mickey said firmly, trying not to stare as Roger continued to strip. “I need you to understand that this is a one time thing.”

Roger had the most delicious looking tan line around his hips and thighs from sunning in what looked to be a very small pair of shorts. The lines framed his cock perfectly, and Mickey’s mouth was filling with spit.

“What are you so afraid of?” Roger challenged, rising up to his knees on the bed. “Getting a taste and wanting more, huh?”

“I’m not afraid of shit!” Mickey snapped. He took off his jacket, laying it over the top of the television. He removed his shoulder holster as he continued to argue, “You’re fucking crazy, and I don’t like getting mixed up in crazy.”

“Yeah, but you’re about to put your dick all up in some. Come on. Why are you hiding all that beautiful fire?”

“You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.” Mickey stepped toward the bed, watching Roger’s quick fingers unbutton his shirt. He was honestly surprised he didn’t rip it off. “There is no ‘fire.’ You’re just insane.”

“No? Then why are we here, eh?” Roger smirked. He pushed Mickey’s shirt down and off his shoulders, greedily sliding his hands down his bare chest. “You like me. You like what I bring out in you.”

Mickey’s pulse began to steadily climb, and he refused to acknowledge Roger’s accusations.

He did like it… perhaps too much.

Grabbing Roger’s wrist, he shoved him back on the bed. “Fuck you.”

“I mean, that’s the plan, isn’t it?”

“Why do you have to be such a fuckin’ pain in the ass?” Mickey jumped on top of him, grunting as Roger dragged him into a harsh kiss. Their teeth clicked, and he found himself getting sucked right back in.

The crazy must have been contagious.

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