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Podlington Village Romance (series) by Helena Stone, Alex Jane, H J Perry, Riza Curtis
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Same story universe
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Alex Jane
15 October 2021
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A one-night stand showing up at your weekend away? It must be karma.

Professor Oliver Ballard is already reeling from the blow of missing out on a promotion. But when he checks into a country hotel to find that the guy he ghosted after a night of passion is not only staying down the hall but also stole his dream job, he can’t decide if fate loves him or hates him. Especially when his commitment to the single life starts to waver.

Craig Hofstader isn’t sure if it’s good luck, bad judgment, or jet lag that lands him at the feet, and in the bed, of his professional crush. He’s already doubting whether a relationship is worth the trouble – especially while juggling taking care of his son, navigating his professional obligations, and interpreting Oliver’s mixed signals.

With serendipity’s guiding hand – and a little help from the residents of Podlington – Oliver and Craig get a second chance to make a first impression in the ancient Somerset village where the magic of romance is all too real.

Welcome to Podlington! The fictional English village where magic happens and dreams come true. This LGBTQ+ Second Chance story is part of the Podlington Village Romance series and can be read as a standalone novel. Rewriting History features a chip-loving pub dog, a medieval manuscript, an overbearing secretary, and a guaranteed happy ending.

The Podlington Village Romance series is written in British English and includes at least one non-binary character. Therefore they/them is sometimes correctly used as a singular pronoun.

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There was no one on the ground floor as far as he could tell as he hit the last step down. Both the front door and a door to the rear of the house were open, creating a pleasant breeze and views to the outside where he could hear the murmur of voices. The floral scent brought in on the air was mixed with a delicious waft of bread and spices coming from the dining area and it drew Oliver by his griping stomach towards the doorway. That was until he heard someone call his name.

He wasn’t entirely sure at first why it felt as if the ground had opened up beneath his feet but clearly his gut was quicker than his brain at sensing something out of place. His feet had the wit to freeze but that spread to the rest of his body and he simply stood in the hall like an idiot. The second time his name was called, the lack of upward inflection made it less of a question and more of a statement. And, of course, then he knew why he was freaked out. Turning slowly, he was faced with a confused and – oh my god, he looks even better in the daylight – slightly annoyed American, if the furrowed brow was anything to go by.

“Ollie? What are you doing here?”

He looked good. Tall. Oliver had forgotten quite how tall. His dark hair wasn’t slicked with gel, as it had been the night they had met, the loose strands currently fluttering in the breeze. He had on dark jeans and a faded band tee shirt that might once have been black but was rather a dark grey. He’d hooked his sunglasses into the neck and they were pulling down the fabric, revealing a glimpse of the dense dark curls Oliver knew were smeared across his chest and rose up from the base of his cock – oh god, don’t think about his cock.

Oliver blinked, unable to form another thought, let alone a word, until he caught his breath. “Craig? I could ask you the same thing.”

A smile broke out on Craig’s face and the furrow was wiped away in an instant. He stepped forward, opening his mouth as if to speak but then stopping in his tracks, his eyes opening wide as he looked over Oliver’s shoulder towards the open front door.

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