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Leather head (series) by Matt converse
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Encompass Ink
28 October 2021
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After escaping the death grip of Leather Head, Gable needs a weekend getaway in Palm Springs with best friend Shawn.

In New York, Andrés and Tyler take that trip to the West Coast they’ve talked about for so long.

In Arizona, Granger and his much younger boyfriend Liam head to Palm Springs to celebrate Pride weekend and decide to stay at a gay resort known to be the wildest in town.

After a narrow escape from the police, Leather Head battles the inner demons from his past that have molded him into the monster he is. But this doesn’t stop him from looking for more of what feeds his dark soul, even while on the run.

Fate draws all of them together for a climatic weekend in Palm Springs. For some, it is the wild weekend they needed. For others, things turn so dark they wonder if they will get out alive.

It’s up to Leather Head to see who does. That is, if he’s not caught first.

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He can hear music booming in the distance, probably out by the pool. He lays on his bed and secretly watches the parade of guys going by through the tiny slits in his blinds for several hours. He appears as if he’s almost in a trance. He sits still like a panther or lion peering through the brush, waiting for its kill. His eyes laser on to certain guys as they pass, but he knows he has to wait. Leather Head peeks out and can see the sun is almost about to set behind the mountains. He needs the cloak of darkness to do what he plans on doing tonight. He’s definitely starting to feel like a caged panther, looking forward to his next meal. He literally paces in his room like a big cat would in a cage, but he still relishes this time, the anticipation before the kill. He licks his lips, rubs his big hands together, and waits. He waits for the darkness.

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